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Thursday, July 28, 2005

I’ve been resistant about the whole blog phenomenon. The whole concept came across to me as kind of cheesy. I figured who would care what I did Saturday night, or that my favorite color is green and I hurl when I try to eat string beans. Really, who gives a rat’s ass, right?

I haven’t read any blogs on a regular basis until recently. Since Real ID became a piece of approved legislation, I’ve been checking out some blogs, starting with Claire Wolfe’s Wolfesblog. I started to peek at Real ID Rebellion, then Freedom Outlaw. Next, I added Enjoy Every Sandwich.
Today, I’m hooked. I read, on the average, of six blogs a day.

Writing a blog hasn’t been high on my to-do list, however. I didn’t want to take away from the novel I’m working on, or the freelance queries I’m supposed to be crafting. Sometimes, though, I find my self jonesin’ to write about a current event, express excitement, outrage or just ruminate about how awful it is to eat string beans. I have resisted—there are bigger issues to tackle on the home front.

When I watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle a few weeks back, I was impressed with one concept in the movie. No, not the allure of smoking the green—it was the concept that the universe, eventually, unfolds as it should. It might not happen today, next week or even next year, but eventually it does unfold as it should. This was totally enlightening to me. As an uptight, dweeby chick that gets riled that the bad guys never get caught and the good guys never get a break, the glimmer that the bad guys might rue their dastardly behavior in the end warmed my cockles.

My cockles then said, “Why don’t you blog about this?” What? I don’t want to blog, I said to my cockles. They firmly stuck fingers into their ears (cockles have ears, right?), hummed and sang, “La, la, laaaaaaa we can’t hear you.” This scenario repeated itself over and over, until I couldn’t stand it any longer. All right, I finally answered, I’ll try it. I’ll start one.

Let me introduce my blog, Yak Attack, for your reading pleasure. I don’t guarantee it will be funny, poignant, relevant or even interesting; it will, however, be all mine--- random thoughts, minutia and musings of current events, past events, whatever. I may even spew a bit about string beans, if you’re lucky. Here’s to happy reading….


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