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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

520 Funny Festival CD

Last week, KMTT's Marty Riemer was giving away 520 Funny Festival CDs. The first annual festival was held last spring, and featured David Crowe, Demitri Martin, Mike Birbiglia and Jim Gaffigan.

Lew was in the area, so he picked up a CD for us. It's a hoot. The other two give away days listed on KMTT's website passed over the weekend, but there are small clips on the website to. Check it out here. It takes something like Windows Media to play it.

I love David Crowe's Gollum and Shakespeare bit. The only complaint I have about the CD is the parts of Jim Gaffigan's routine where he whispers. It's best to listen to that part of the CD in the car, and even then you have to continually diddle with the volume to hear what he's saying.


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