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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

7 kids found together on Causeway Blvd-leader is 6 yrs. old

After reading the news story about the seven children evacuated together from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, I have more hope for the future generation.

Young Deamonte, found on Causeway Boulevard in the Jefferson Parrish portion of New Orleans, leading a small band of young children, had more sense that the adults around him. He kept his little band gathered together and moving, presumably away from the chaos and in search of their parents.

These children were discovered holding hands to keep the youngest toddlers with them and Deamonte carried his five month old brother. It is amazing that he didn’t melt under the pressure of caring for six other individuals, or from his own fear. He had work to do, and even at the tender age of six, he met his challenge head on.

I don’t know what the helicopter crew who evacuated these children thought when they evacuated the kids without an adult. Obviously, the crew abdicated the children’s care after dropping them somewhere on the ground; to whom, it isn’t reported. Whoever it was didn’t have the common sense and bravery that Deamonte possesses.

I can understand both Deamonte’s mother’s apprehensions in sending the children alone and her desire to see them safe. I personally cannot imagine sending those babies alone on a helicopter with only a stranger’s promise of returning for me in twenty-five minutes. However, I’ve never been trapped in a building surrounded by rising water while having gone through all my supplies before. I can’t second-guess this mother’s decision.

Thankfully, she’s raising a boy with a sound head on his shoulders. Deamonte and this diminutive group of evacuees are back together with their families. May he keep his common sense as he grows, developing into a sensible, fine young man.


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