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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Freedom Food

I'm going to have to check out the latest issue of Mother Jones magazine. Both Kirsten and Lightning blogged about Michael Pollan's lead feature No Bar Code.

Is it true that he who controls the food controls the people? Me thinks the fedbeast embraces this line of thought, with the goosestepping plans of NAIS, which will do its best to shut down the local farmer who raises animals. People are recognizing the inherent problems with commercial farms and their practices. They are seeking out chicken not prepackaged in fecal tainted liquid. They're wanting to eat beef from grainfed cows who are three years or younger. NAIS will penalize the small farmer and do little to reign in hazardous farming practices utilized by commercial farms. If NAIS gets entrenched in America, we won't have many choices about where we can purchase meat, eggs and dairy.


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