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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Just Say No

On the 3rd of November, I wrote about re-educating myself on mindless obedience. An essay by Debra Anne Davis, titled “Betrayed by the Angel…,” encouraged me to challenge my own engrained angel, for my own sake and to be a role model for my kids.

Claire Wolfe featured a different Deb Davis on her blog November 23rd. This Ms. Davis faced mindless obedience on a bus in Denver, and she chose to say no. For her strength and fortitude, she was arrested and charged with federal misdemeanors. Her arraignment is scheduled for Dec. 9th.

Take a moment to read Deb Davis’ story at Papersplease.org.

I wish Yak Attack had sound capability. I'd like for you to hear me applauding your courage and integrity, Ms. Davis.


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