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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Paying tribute to Memory Lane

These androgynous, illustrated children were all the rage on card store fodder, circa 1975. Normally they would have banned, due to the full frontal nudity, however these particular children lacked any genitals, and only sported pin-dot areolas. So, they were charming holding hands and flowers on magnets, coffee cups and wall plaques.

I’m displaying my age here, but I used to get such a kick out of them when I was a kid. I desperately longed for one of the key chains with them on it, along with a “Happiness Is…” saying. It didn’t matter that I was still too young to be a latch-key kid; I wanted one. Tough boogies for me—by the time I was old enough, they’d passed out of fashion.

This morning, as I drove Tee to school for his wrestling match weigh in, the Mountain (Mount Rainer for those ignorant of Pacific Northwest lingo) looked so cool. It was a charcoal triangle in the distance, with purple haze behind it and a smoky cloud tabletop flattening out its peak. Tee and I said at the same time, “Look at the Mountain.”

I can’t quite explain it, but this glimpse of joy brought up memories of those “Happiness Is…” kids. In tribute to those quirky, hippy babies I’m posting my personal list.

Happiness is…

…looking at the Mountain on a crisp, autumn morning.
…curling up in bed with a good book.
…hound doggie, Virginia, rolling over on her back so I can pet her belly.
…hearing my kids offer to help each other with homework.
…Lew’s kisses.
…freshly brewed coffee.
…listening to any Stevie Ray Vaughan song
…the aroma of bee balm and mint on a summer’s afternoon.
…ginger root tea when you have a sore throat.
…when my kids ask me how my day was.
…Gray Kitty curled up in a miniscule ball on the end of my bed (the couch, in a laundry basket, on a coat thrown over a kitchen chair…)
…the way Lew purses his lips while he plays the guitar.
…a warm towel, fresh from the dryer.
…peppermint tea.
…Government Mule’s version of “Soulshine” on the Deep End, Vol. 1.
…slipping between clean sheets.
…playing with Virginia and her wooly soccer ball.
…seeing Deadhead Girl smile (she doesn’t do this often enough).
…seashell Cosmos blowing in the wind.
…sautéed garlic.
…reading the comics.
…a vase full of indigo hydrangeas (fuchsia tulips, pink peonies, purple lavender).
…giving hugs.
…thinking of cool words.
…playing Boggle.
…watching my kids get excited over home-baked cookies.
…giving an anonymous gift.
…the smell of an orange as you peel it.
…a job well done.
…Virginia’s bawl mouth.
…Tee’s quirky sense of humor.
…Rosie’s compassion.
…Zander’s wicked sense of humor.
…being around Tony when he’s happy.
…Lew’s integrity.
…being able to ponder what makes me happy.


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