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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Standing by the Little Guy: an update

May Your Putrid Stale Coffee Stain Your Grinchly Corporate Teeth Forever, Starbucks Narcissists—Yeah, what Kirsten said!

Over at Enjoy Every Sandwich, Kirsten has posted contact information for Starbucks, if you have a hankering pass on to corporate America coffee a message. It’s even toll free, so you can call them on their own dingy dime.

A Sambuck's update: According to May Kulthol, manager of media relations for Starbucks Coffee, "It's not about David and Goliath." She says they’re not going to seek repayment through the court. “The defendant is not required to pay legal fees nor did we seek damages from her,” Kulthol says.

Java giant Starbucks still wants Buck to give up her name; they’re standing by their assertion, and legal decision, that she’s violating their trademark. They just aren’t going to pummel their competition into oblivion by pursuing attorney’s fees. "We try to deal with these types of situations amicably and to come to a good conclusion for both parties,” says Kulthol.

It appears that Buck isn’t quite ready to roll over and die yet. Her lawyer, Kurt Rylander, says her case has several strong points, which she could use to as grounds to appeal. Paramount is the testimony of two witnesses who explained that she is known in the Astoria community by her maiden name, Sam Buck. She has 30 days from the ruling to file an appeal. Rylander says she would make a decision about an appeal after the two-week period for Starbucks to file a “bill of cost” passes.

As details become available, I’ll post additional updates.


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