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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Here's a serious case of coolness.

We've seen what freedom loving celebrities can do to help other people. I read today about a Hollywood celebrity going out of his way to help out a child in his community, which I surprised me.

A six year old boy, Jacob Finkbonner, recently contracted necrotizing fasciitis. This condition is where Type-A Strep infects a wound and gives off toxins that kill the tissue around the wound by causing a gangrenous infection. It's an extremely lethal infection, and this little guy's face and neck is the area affected.

Finkbonner is a resident of Ferndale, WA. I didn't know this until today, but Ryan Stiles, from the Drew Carey and Whose Line is it Anyway TV shows, resides in Bellingham, WA when he's not working in the Los Angeles area. Both Bellingham and Ferndale are cities in Whatcom county, and are close county neighbors.

This evening, Ryan Stiles perfomed at an improv benefit for Finkbonner at the Ferndale High School Auditorium, which raised an additional $12,000 for the little boy's medical expenses, as of Feb. 24th. How cool is that- this Hollywood-esque celeb performed at a high school to help out a child in his community?

It's nice to see someone you'd think of as "unapproachable" doing something cool to help someone in their community. If you're ever near Bellingham, Ryan Stiles opened an improv theatre there. It's called UpFront. According to their website, Stiles occasionally performs there with the troupes.


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