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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Auction for Bark

A very special man was an important factor in bringing The Claire Files forum to the Internet. His name is Bark, and until recently, he was the web master at TCF. He has terminal cancer, which is being partly managed through herbal medications provided by some extremely generous folks that live near him.

An auction, to benefit Bark, is taking place right now on Ebay. A hardback copy of Vin Surpynowicz's book, The Black Arrow, autographed by Vin to Claire, is available to the highest bidder. All proceeds will help fund Bark's herbal medication.

If you would like to contribute, but cannot afford the auction at this time, here is the address where you can send donations to help pay for Bark's treatments.

This guy quietly, behind the scenes, enriched so many lives. If you feel so compelled, this is a terrific way to say thank you.

Holy Bidding, Batman! The auction is already up to $615. What a cool bunch of folks.
Edit 01-03-06: Freedom folks rock! This auction was an over-the-top, majorly cool success.


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