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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's a matter of attitude

Quote: An uphill libertarian finds freedom activities to be chores to be performed, tasks they find to be sacrifices, a constant uphill battle, if you will. A downhill libertarian feels the wind in her face, sledding down the hill on the constitution, dodging fedgov trees and plowing through fedgov snowmen with a wild grin on her face.
Cowardly Lion

What a glorious allegory. It’s no secret that cooperation and camaraderie among those in the freedom movement can be as warm and fuzzy as a sack full of feral cats. Is it because of our independent outlook? Our constant battle against a common enemy? Or is it our weariness, too often the odd man out among the sheeple we’re surrounded by in our every day lives, that we don’t know how to react to a freedom friend? As Cowardly Lion so eloquently points out, over at TCF, it’s a matter of attitude. Some libertarians drag along, working for freedom and feeling it in every muscle. Other libertarians find freedom work to be an adventure.

We need both types of libertarians to work together; each set has their own skills to offer to the freedom movement. Cowardly Lion said he’s thinking of writing an article on uphill and downhill libertarians. I sincerely hope he does. I look forward to reading it


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