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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Gift of Time

Giving someone a gift doesn’t have to involve shelling out copious amounts of FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes).

Lew telephoned me from work this morning. “Where are you standing?” he asked.

I’d been walking into the living room, coffee mug in hand, to sit down in my favorite green wingback chair and chat with him. “In the living room.”

“Go look out the window,” he said. “Can you see the sunrise?”

I peered out the picture window, sipping my coffee. “I can’t see it from here. I’m facing west”

Disappointed, he was ready to end our conversation because he needed to get back on the job. I told him to hold up a second, so I could check out the back yard, which faces east. “You probably won’t be able to see it,” he advised.

But I could, a ribbon of pure rose blushing between the evergreens in our neighbor’s back yard. We shared a moment, both gazing at the same gorgeous morning sky. What a cool, amazing gift to give someone.

I passed Lew’s gift on to Rosie. She protested at first, because she didn’t want to go outside in her pjs. When I told her she could see it through the slider door, she came over and admired the sun giving the sky a raspberry-tinged smooch. All it cost us was a minute of our time.


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