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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm still here

No, I'm not falling off the edge of the world again. I had an interview article to finish up for a local e-zine and I've been working on a longer piece for Yak Attack. Also, I've been working on Lew to share. See, there isn't an I in Team. Now, there's an I in meat pie... Oh, sorry I got distracted. What I am trying to say is I'm doing more of the pick-ups and deliveries for our business, and so I've been driving around during prime writing times.

I did want to mention the stupid redefinition of a public structure by the officials in King County, WA. I guess a building or waiting area can include a measly covered seat. This covering might have one to three partial walls, but any walls present have several large openings to let the wind whistle through. This type of covered area, dear readers, has been deemed a "public place" by these do-gooder bureaucrats, so lighting up is a strict no-no. That's correct-- you can't smoke a cigarette anymore while waiting for the bus. You can, however, smoke your cigarette 25 feet away from the bus stop, but risk missing your bus if no other person is standing around at the stop. Brilliant!


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