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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kirsten's Fake Band of the Week

Kirsten, over at Enjoy Every Sandwich, declared the Bob-Whites of the Glenn as her fake band of the week (scroll down to bottom of the post). Oh, the memories Kirsten dredged up!

As the youngest member of my sibling clan, the books on the family bookshelf were pretty lame when I was a precocious youngster. My sister wasn't a big reader, and so most of them were from my mother's pre-WW2 youth. In among the Cherry Ames and Nancy Drews, there was a jewel in the rough-- Trixie Belden and her buddies the Bob-Whites.

My relationship with Trixie lasted for 33 books. Those were some good times. She was spunky and outspoken. She had heart. Rock on Bob-Whites of the Glenn.


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