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Monday, May 15, 2006

Pulling ReNu with MoistureLoc from shelves

Bausch & Lomb pulled their ReNu with MoistureLoc off the shelves. There's been a possible link between Fusarium keratitis, a fungus of the eye, and use of this contact solution.

Tee got contacts about 8 months ago. The optometrist gave him several samples of ReNu with MoistureLoc to try out. In December, he came down with a case of pink eye. He didn't wear contacts for about 3 weeks after he developed pink eye.

We treated it immediately, tossed out his contacts and sterilized his case. I'm very thankful that he didn't develop anything worse. As soon as news reports about the possible link showed up about a month ago, we threw away the rest of our bottles with MoistureLoc and changed out his contacts for a new pair, just in case. Pink eye is bad enough. I'd hate to have him develop something as painful as Fusarium keratitis. If you wear contacts, please check what kind of solution you're using and get rid of any Renu with MoistureLoc.


At 4:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anyone know when exactly this solution came out on the market? its important I know because I developed an Ulcer in my eye in January 2005.

At 10:25 PM, Blogger lewlew said...

Hi there,
I just saw your comment. I hope it hasn't been here long. I do not know how long it's been on the market. My son got some samples from his eye doctor in Nov. 2005, so it is possible it was around in Jan. 2005. I'd ask your eye doctor for information.

I hope your eye is feeling better.


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