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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Rave Report

After I entered my thirties, my face became quite dry on my cheeks and around my mouth, while the T zone was ready to fry up potatoes. It really creeps me out. To my dismay, a moisturizer that makes my whole face feel good has eluded me; if I don't use some sort of lotion, most of my face feels like it's encased in papier-mache'.

On top of that, I'm pretty thrifty (translation: cheap). I can't stand spending $10 or more on a thimble sized bottle of moisturizer. I've stuck it out with a less expensive brand, but it leaves my face feeling slickery and tacky, plus lately it's been making me break out.

I decided to try the Lavender and Shea Butter Moisturizer by Kiss Your Face, after spotting it at our local Trader Joe's. It's an affordable price and comes in a good sized bottle.

My rave: after using it just once, Lew noticed the difference. I hadn't told him about my purchase. When he touched my cheek in the evening, after my first use of the moisturizer, he commented how soft it was. I asked him if it really felt different, and he said my face was noticeably softer. Also, I can no longer grease baking dishes with the T zone part of my face.

When I put the moisturizer on, it feels a bit sting-y, but that's the lavender oil I think. It's momentary; I haven't experienced any rash or irritation from the lotion. The lavender oil aroma is strong, too, but I love the smell of real lavender.

A terrific bonus-- no animal products or animal testing are used to produce Kiss My Face products.


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