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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tag, you're it! 4 meme

Kirsten caught me—I’ve been lollygagging about. With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, my time was gobbled up spending time with the kids, shopping, wrapping and hanging out with friends. I also took Tee to the doctor. He came down with a raging case of pink eye, and strep throat to boot. He felt great; he just didn’t look so hot, with gooey, inflamed eyes.

I wasn’t naughty in 2005, but I must have made some sort of negative impression. Instead of coal in my stocking, I was gifted with a horrible head cold and a temperature of 102 on Christmas day. I spent most of the day in bed. Lew made a yummy, but simple, Christmas dinner—bacon cheeseburgers and chicken soup. The kids were troopers and didn’t complain; I think they relished a day with no running around.

Our universe is back in alignment. I’m ready and anxious to blog again, and to my surprise, Kirsten’s meme tag is here, waiting for me. So, without further blathering, I present my 4 meme answers.

4 meme (courtesy of Kirsten at Enjoy Every Sandwich)
Four jobs you’ve had in your life:
1. Cardboard Box Jockey
2. Cashier/Stocker at an auto supply store
3. Greeting Card Associate
4.Pallet Jack Picker

Four movies you could watch over and over:
1. Bridget Jones’ Diary
2. Shaun of the Dead
3.Romie and Michelle’s High School Reunion
4. Mystery Men

Four places you’ve lived (In Washington, ala Almost Live):
1. Where the belt buckles are big and the trucks are high
2. Scoal Ring Central
3. Sans Greek System University
4. Where Nirvana gelled together before heading to Seattle

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. The Simpsons
2. Saturday Night Live
3. Ab Fab
4.King of the Hill

Four places you’ve been on vacation:
1. Molokai, Hawaii
2.Yellowstone National Park
3.Tillamook, Oregon
4. Las Vegas, Nevada

Four websites you visit daily:
1. The Claire Files
2. Enjoy Every Sandwich
3. Freedom Sight
4. LibertyFilter

Four of your favorite foods:
1. Cheese (Provolone; feta; kaseri; sharp cheddar; Cougar Gold…)
2. Shrimp sauteed with minced garlic, butter and white wine
3. Spumoni ice cream
4. Mango

Four places you’d rather be:
1. BJ’s Garden Gate Sequim, WA
2.Victoria, British Columbia
3. Any beach located on the northern Oregon Coast
4. Salish Lodge, Snoqualmie, WA

(I’ll honor Kirsten’s category change here) Four albums [musicians' entire collections] you can’t [would prefer not to even imagine having to] live without:
1. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
2. Gov’t Mule
3. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
4. The Beatles

Four favorite science fiction authors (I don’t care much for sci fi, but I’ll give it a go):
1. CS Lewis
2. Madeleine L'Engle
3. Max Barry
4. Michael Crichton

Who to tag next, to keep the meme running? I’ll tag Tim Osman, over at LibertyFilter. I know he’s very busy at present, but I hope he’ll take a moment to come out and play. Liberty Lightning, bloggerita of the quiet-for-now Freedom Outlaw, do you want to participate, too, for old times’ sake?


At 7:30 PM, Blogger Rich said...

I think you might want to link to the person that you tagged. That's one of the reasons we do this, so google will see the links. :-)

As of now you've broken the chain. :-)

At 11:10 AM, Blogger lewlew said...

Oops! Sorry, I'm new to this meme gig =). I cleaned up my mistake. Thanks Rich.

At 6:30 PM, Blogger Rich said...

No problem. I was afraid of coming of wrong when I wrote that. But I was just trying to help. :-)

And in that spirit, you might want to add a link to Tim's Liberty Filter web site, down at the bottom of your post. :-)



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