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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

When I started up Yak Attack, I hoped to write more about the universe unfolding as it should, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle style. When Harold ends up in jail, his cellmate, a victim of much police abuse over the years, shares this simple philosophy about life. It changes Harold’s outlook and by the end of the movie the bad guys get hosed; Harold gets his car back, and the girl; Kumar decides to go to medical school; and Harold’s cellmate gets the justice he deserves. Life is good.

Since I logged on in July, however, the crappola has been flying forward at ludicrous speed. We’re still mired deeply in the Middle East; secret, overseas prisons have been revealed and covert rendition kidnappings exposed; a possibly innocent man sits on death row in Mississippi and mainstream media is ignoring his case; a possibly innocent man, executed in 1992, might be cleared of guilt through a DNA test; goobermint is telling the populace where to smoke, what constitutes"healthy enough"; freezing billions of stolen funds that belong predominately to low income families and the kicker is they don't know they're being investigated for possible tax fraud; a person’s name is reduced to trademark fodder; and snooping is epidemic, from the NSA scooping up phone calls to garbage collectors tagging peoplefor not recycling enough. I look for signs that the universe unfolding “as it should,” i.e. the good folks, the little people, unwashed masses if you will, are making some head way. I search for common sense and sanity to return, yet what I find is sneaky, pitiful legislation about “annoyance” slipped into a DOJ funding bill.

In my search for a small snippet of hope and goodwill, I’ve discovered I’ll have to scrape it up wherever I can. It’s not going to be obvious. It’s not going to be neatly wrapped in a shiny, metallic bow. It certainly won’t be served as a side to crab cakes and plum sauce, with a glass of pinot grigio.

So while reading that Bob Evans, Cory Maye’s public defender, was fired from his position as Prentiss, Mississippi’s public defender, I realized this is one of those snippets. Could it be that there are enough holes in Maye’s conviction to win an appeal? Considering that it does appear Evan’s dismissal by the aldermen of Prentiss is directly related to his representation of Maye, I’ll take it as a yes. I claim this ray of hope—that the truth will shine forth in this case, and any wrong doing, any cover-ups, will be brought to the light of day.

Another snippet I rejoice over is the recent update about Bark’s health. Not only was enough money raised through the Ebay auction and concert held on his behalf to send Bark to a naturopath for evaluation and treatment, he was feeling well enough to make the initial trip, and is set to start a two month course of treatment.

Well, these two diminutive news bites are a start. They’ll have to sustain me for now. I’ll keep searching for more evidence of the universe unfolding, Harold and Kumar style.


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