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Monday, May 15, 2006

Saying Bye-Bye to Third Party Animals

Mark, over at South Puget Sound Libertarian, posted that current phone etiquette isn't adequate any longer. That is, since all the business with the NSA skimming the datapools of phone companies, like ATT, Verizon and and BellSouth.

He suggests that "goodbye" is no longer enough to end a phone conversation in today's age of surveillance. He offers several workable alternatives to the congenial "goodbye," so as to acknowledge the presense of the third (or forth or fifth) party hanging onto every word you use to describe Aunt Bertie's operation or how your day at work faired.

I'm going to give this a try.

FYG---and have a pleasant tomorrow? How does that sound? Hmmm.... that does have an interesting and hopeful ring to it.


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