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Friday, June 30, 2006

blog updates

A few housekeeping issues: I updated the links for Road Kill Cafe and MYOB Gulch and Freedom Outlaw. Sorry to be such a lazy housekeeper of late, Morrigan and Taran.

I'll be unable to blog for 10 days, starting on July 5th. I'll try and post my long overdue "Let's Yak About Art" on Albrecht Durer before I'm sans computer on the lovely lakes of a canoe circuit far, far away. If I run out of time, it'll be first on my list after I get back.

Please keep Tee and me in your thoughts while we're gone. Here's to no capsizing or running into grizzley bears =).


At 9:27 AM, Anonymous Sunni said...

Hope it's a terrific experience, free of capsizes, killer portages (sounds unlikely but I'll keep it in all the same), and grizzly bears!


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