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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Walking up in Seattle

When Rosie works at the zoo, I usually walk at a nearby lake. I enjoy the challenge to myself, trying to beat my previous time, and the people watching is supreme.

Folks of all ages, and physical abilities, wander, speed walk, jog and run around this lake. There was this older gentleman who was out for a walk the last time I was there, and he was so cute. He sported a day pack and a trim beret on his head. He had on black socks with his neat khaki shorts, and walked quite quickly with his cane.

It amazes me how dedicated the runner types are. This one guy's nose was bloody. A rivulet of blood ran from his nose, down his chin, onto his bare chest. Yet, he kept his pace and ran as fast as he could. In my opinion, that's too much dedication, and after seeing him, I didn't dare fill up my waterbottle again, because I could see him stoppping at any of the water fountains to clean up. EEEWWW.

The vast majority of walkers were moms with strollers, chatting on cell phones. I passed at least a dozen of them. I don't get that-- the lake is gorgeous; the boats on it are so fun to watch. Plus, as I mentioned, the people watching is supreme. Think of all they miss while they blather on the phone.

I'm still recovering from my last walk there, however. My walking shoes were toast, as were the socks I wore. A big, huge, humongous blister formed on the balls of my feet, and the one on my right foot popped =(. I did all that portaging in Canada with no incident, only to come back to the Seattle area and hobble myself. I promptly went out and bought a new pair of walking shoes!


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