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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yak Attack

Yak Attack
As you know LewLew is on vacation. The Ubertrusty Lew here feeling some obligation to carry some wealth of information to the masses(or at least you folks who have read this blog). I have a quick garden update and then on to important stuff. I have taken over the reigns in the garden dept. Yes, I got out the hose. Turned it on, whew. What next? The harvest? Better wait til I turn off the water. Yahoooweee!! We have sugar snap peas, ready to wash, and eat. At least a dozen or more. I decided to fertilize and water all the plants in the house and garden. The plants on the front porch are looking a little, ok, a lot wilty. At least I still have another week to nurse them back.
The Good stuff!
Rosie has decided to give her mother the gift of a clean room. I started wondering when she was so bored this week she cleaned the kitchen without being asked. This kind of thing rarely happens at our house, and usually warrants a bear hug, and/or cash. In this case both! She worked at it all day, unearthing three garbage sacks full of crap from under her bed, sorting the good crap from the bad. And, finally moving it all to the living room so she could rearrange her bed. She was so proud of herself. I`m sure LewLew will be proud too. Do something to make yourself proud today. I did! Lew


At 9:44 PM, Blogger Kirsten said...

So do you miss her?


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