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Friday, March 31, 2006

Young at heart and a golden soul

If there are days you feel too old and worn out, you need to read this article.

Mr. B, as he's affectionately referred as, is one spiffy gentleman. At the age of 96, he's the oldest volunteer at Providence Mount St. Vincent's assisted-living home. He's also a resident, along with his wife, Alean. By the way, they've been married almost 70 years.

He does incredible work. Mr. B. reached out to a brain damaged young woman named Jennifer Graham. Every Friday, he picks her up for the resident sing-a-long. He's helped her relearn a few words. One of the symptoms of her brain damage is called echolalia, which is a condition where someone mimics words said to her without appearing to understand what the words mean. Through much work and immense patience, he's helped her relearn how to say simple phrases like "Yes please," when offered a piece of candy.

I hope to cultivate, within me and my home, just a smidge of Mr. B's upbeat attitude.


At 8:56 PM, Anonymous Chrysanthemum said...

I'm Jennifer's sister. This article really seemed to touch a lot of people. Phil's an amazing guy, and he's really filled a need in Jenn's life since our dad died seven years ago. He's an inspiration to us, for sure, and I hope the inspiration is still alive for you.


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