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Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Halloween

For many individuals, Halloween is the season to celebrate squash. Zander is one of those folks-- his zeal for orb-shaped, day-glo orange squash is legendary. It's almost an obsession-- finding the most perfect pumpkin for the application in mind.

He starts thinking about pumpkins early in the fall. This year, we had some volunteer pumpkins that spouted from last year's pumpkin-fest. He was quite excited when these little squashlets hit the scene. When the first one was ready for harvest, it became Jack, the practice pumpkin. This little guy was carved in early September and was laid to rest in my compost bin by the end of the month.

Next was Scarecrow Pumpkin. It's a shame we didn't get a good night-time photo of this lovely fruit, because it really was spectacular. There's a funny story that accompanies this pumpkin design-- you are viewing a photo of Scarecrow #2. Alas, I'm not at liberty to share the fate of Scarecrow #1, but it's quite a hilarious tale. Modeling with the pumpkins is Miss Virginia. The Scarecrows were carved in the first and second week of October; they, too, now R.I.P. in my compost.

Now for the piece de resistance: The Headless Horseman. This was carved yesterday. It involved computer enhanced patterns and endless patience. Isn't it gorgeous?

I hope you have an enjoyable Halloween. Give a pumpkin a hug =).


At 4:28 AM, Anonymous Morrigan said...

Very cool!
I really liked the last one.

At 8:49 AM, Anonymous sunni said...

We had fun with pumpkin carving last night too. Nothing as elaborate as yours, but good fun for all.


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