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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

As the years tumble by

Sixteen years seems like a long time. It's over a decade, well on its way to two. I can attest, however, that it's a blip, a twinkle in your eye. Recently, Rosie turned sixteen. Was it really that long ago that I cradled my tiny Rosebud, her miniscule fingers curled around my gargantuan thumb? This confident, friendly, intelligent being who occupies my home developed over night, I swear. It was just yesterday that we snuggled together with her favorite stuffed toy and read the Officer Buckle book, or about that dirty dog, Harry, right? A few hours ago we were horseback riding with her Brownie troop, selling cookies and dancing like ballerinas. It was just a few minutes ago that I dug fossils with my growing girl and watched her play basketball. Thirty seconds ago, we attended the volunteer thank you event at the zoo. She invited me to go as her special guest. Just a second ago, she became a sophmore and started to gel her future plans, step by step.

On my kids' birthdays I sing to them the Beatles song, "Birthday." This year, it brought tears to my eyes, to think about singing it.
You say it's your birthday,
It's my birthday, too-- yeah
They say it's your birthday,
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy Birthday to you

Thank you for sixteen unique, beautiful years, Rosie.


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