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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Look what the dog dug up

While looking for some dog blogs on my favorite breed-- coonhound doggies, of course-- I stumbled over two interesting blogs. Urban Agrarian is a blog that features urban gulching topics (dial-up caution-- lots of photos, slower loading). The blog's subtitle is "Adventures of growing, harvesting and cooking vegetables, eggs and chickens while living on a small lot." Dog Politics features commentary and calls to action, regarding political issues and pets, specifically dogs.

What drew me in is both blogs have interesting information, located in their sidebars, about NAIS and why it is bad, bad juju for both animals and people. Listed in the Urban Agrarian's Favorites section is NoNAIS.org. In addition, Dog Politics has a plethora of information about mandatory chipping around the world, to alert dog owners about the invasion of privacy that can accompany chipping.

There's increasing discussion out in the blogosphere about the nastiness of NAIS. I was encouraged to see two more trumpets sounding the alert. Both blogs are crammed with tons of useful information. I've barely dived into what they have to offer.

Check out the posts that directed me to Urban Agrarian and Dog Politics. Roscoe, the Urban Agrarian's dog friend, looks a lot like Miss Virginia. My miss has shorter ears and much more of the brown in her coat, but this give you a good idea of what she looks like.


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